About Us

Welcome to the South Sudan Meteorological Department, the nation's primary authority on weather, climate, and atmospheric sciences since 2011. Our mission is to provide accurate, timely weather forecasts and climate analysis to ensure public safety and support economic development. Equipped with advanced technology and a team of dedicated experts, we offer a range of services including daily weather updates, severe weather warnings, and specialized forecasts for various sectors. Committed to excellence in meteorological research and collaboration with global organizations, we play a crucial role in national climate policy-making and strive to empower individuals and communities in South Sudan to make informed decisions based on reliable weather and climate information.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

“To provide timely and accurate weather forecasts, early warnings, and climate information, supporting public safety and sustainable development in South Sudan.”

Our Vision

“To be a leader in meteorological services, enhancing national resilience and decision-making in the face of climatic challenges for a sustainable future.”

Our history


Establishment of SSMD: South Sudan Meteorological Department, as a governmental institution under the Ministry of Transport, Roads and Bridges and part of the South Sudan Civil Aviation Authority, was established following South Sudan's independence in 2011.