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Our Climate Services

The South Sudan Meteorological Services offers comprehensive climate services designed to inform and assist with the nation’s weather-related needs. Our services are tailored to provide accurate forecasts, climate monitoring, and early warnings for adverse weather events. This vital information supports disaster risk reduction and helps in planning and decision-making processes across various sectors, including agriculture, water management, and more. Stay informed, plan effectively, and mitigate weather impacts with the South Sudan Meteorological Authority's climate services.

What we do
Monthly Forecast

Enhance your planning with our precise Monthly Forecast. South Sudan Meteorological Authority offers detailed weather insights to navigate the month's climate variations strategically. The forecast entails:

  • Expected rainfall amounts
  • Rainfall anomaly
  • Minimum temperature
  • Maximum temperature

Seasonal Forecast

Prepare for the season with our comprehensive Seasonal Forecast. Tailored insights support South Sudan in adapting to seasonal weather trends for better decision-making. The forecasts provides insights into the three seasons of MAM, JJAS and OND and highlight the conditions of:

  • Above normal rainfall
  • Normal Rainfall
  • Below normal rainfall
  • Onset of season
  • Cessation of season
  • Standard Precipitation Index

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