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In our commitment to the sustainable development of South Sudan, the South Sudan Meteorological Department is actively engaged in a range of projects primarily focused on enhancing forecasting accuracy, expanding our observational network, refining early warning systems, and improving overall service delivery. These initiatives are designed to fortify our nation's resilience to climatic variations and extreme weather events. By investing in advanced technologies, fostering collaborations, and prioritizing community-centric approaches, we aim to provide robust meteorological services that support various sectors, from agriculture to disaster management. Our goal is to ensure that every South Sudanese citizen has access to reliable climate information, facilitating informed decision-making and contributing to the nation's sustainable and prosperous future.

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Systematic Observations Financing Facility: GBON Gap Analysis

The Systematic Observations Financing Facility (SOFF) project in South Sudan, as outlined by the South Sudan Meteorological Services (SSMS), represents a pivotal step towards enhancing the country's meteorological capabilities. In January 2022, an evaluation by …

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